5 Mistakes to Avoid when Booking a Party Hall

4hPlanning a party, booking the venue and organising the entire affair is no easy task. Although the guests at the party are sure to have a swell time, as the host you have a monumental task ahead of you. Take a look at some of the mistakes you should elude when setting out to book the venue for your function.

Forgetting to Pre-Book

Probably one of the biggest mistakes to make, forgetting to pre-book a hall is definitely something you need to avoid. Scouting places last minute will seriously limit the number of fine places available. For instance, looking for a charming hall during wedding season can be a fool’s errand. If you know that you have to host an upcoming function, then take the time to pre-book your venue well in advance.

It is not uncommon for wedding reception venues to be booked between 3 and 4 months before the ceremony.

Settling for Lack Lustre Interiors

Sadly, the tiring process of browsing through numerous party halls has people feeling weary. They then opt to settle for a poorly designed locale that has minimal effort on interiors. Remember that the better the ambiance, the less you will have to work on it with decorations. So, if you wish to throw a celebration to be remembered, then stay staunch to your needs and insist on an upmarket venue when looking for function halls in Bangalore.

The last thing you want to do is over-exceed your flower and decorations budget trying to make the ordinary hall party-worthy.

Paying Little Heed to the Acoustics

People who are holding seminars and conventions will not only need a larger space to seat more guests; but they will also need to ascertain the presence of good acoustics in the hall. After all, you want to ensure that every speech or presentation is audible all the way to the back of the arena. Failing to do this paves the way to a poorly hosted event.

Booking a Hall that is too Large

Rather than stopping to figure out how many of their guests have RSVP’d to the wedding, many hosts prefer to simply book a larger venue. What they fail to comprehend is that few guests in a large hall will create a lot of empty space rather than being a bit of a squeeze that can be great to break the ice between various guests. Remember that if it is a birthday bash or a cosy cocktail party with stand-up dining, you can make do with a more intimate setting when looking for function halls in Bangalore.

Going Overboard for a Venue you Love

When hosting an event, splurging solely on your venue can be a big no-no. Sure, it is understandable that you have fallen in love with a glamorous hall. Still, it would be wise to remind yourself that you still have the decorations, flowers, caterers and wait-staff to pay for. This is especially important if you are working on a tight budget.

Also, don’t forget to negotiate when you do find the perfect place, so you can be delighted with a great choice at a great price!