The beauty of engagement rings

enImagine someone going down on one knee and asking you to marry them now that must be a beautiful feeling. Seeing a beautiful diamond ring on your hand with a rock that shines so bright that it makes you feel like a queen. That is the beauty of an engagement ring it makes one feel special and loved by their partner. You cherish every moment of the proposal and you can`t wait for your special day. Picking a ring is not easy because you are overwhelmed by the different and unique designs that are appealing to the eye. Every ring tells a story and it has a unique way of attracting someone and then instantly they want to buy it and give it to their loved one.


The importance of an engagement ring.

An engagement ring represents the symbol of your love for each other and how important your partner is to you. To some people it is a symbol of their love for each other and for some people it is a tradition to have an engagement ring. There are different reasons why   it is important for some people to have an engagement ring, some women want to show off the ring to their friends and to some women it is a constant reminder that they are loved and that their partner wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  To some people it is the value of the ring that is important and special.


Different diamonds

There are different types of rings and they are all beautiful and unique. The most common rings and shapes are Solitare, Gemstone, and Vintage, Halo, Sidestone and Three stone.  All these engagement rings are unique and they are designed to perfection.  Each style and design represents certain personalities because we all have different taste and we want the ring to represent our affection and love to our partner. An engagement ring should tell a story on its own it should appeal to the eye and be attractive.


The history of an engagement ring

The first well-documented use of a diamond ring to signify engagement was by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in imperial court of Vienna in 1477, upon his betrothal to Mary of Burgundy. This then influenced those of higher social class and of significant wealth to give diamond rings to their loved ones. This has been happening for centuries and the story behind an engagement ring is significant. Although things have changed with time but now everyone can afford to buy their partner a beautiful and unique engagement ring.